Prospector’s Story

My passion for business and quality goods started 29 years ago growing up in a rural town in Montana. Our town had 2000 residents and the closest town with a stop light was 30 minutes away. By the age of 10, I was hunting in the mountains on horseback looking for elk and deer. This exposed me to a dying way of life where being old-fashioned and doing things the hard way is highly regarded. This was the beginning of my passion for quality products and craftsmanship. I learned the meaning of “buy once cry once” for products. This phrase really hit home when I was freezing 20 miles from the closest town because I was using a low-quality sleeping bag.

I left my small town behind and got a degree in business administration. There was also a war to be fought so I joined the Army as an Officer after graduating college. I spent 6 years seeing the world and learning how to be a man and a leader. The lessons learned in the Army are written in the blood of our forefathers. The Army taught me a level of respect and work ethic I didn’t know existed. I was lucky enough to serve in a special operations unit with some of the greatest men in the world.

While serving in the Army, I had a bad Airborne jump where my parachute lost it’s lift at 100 feet from the ground. This stopped my Army career but didn’t slow me down. I spent the next year researching and understanding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I then reached out to top engineers and artists I met over the years to join me on this journey. Real Crypto was born in the summer of 2017 and we have been working hard ever since.

I hope you love what we have made because we have poured everything we have into it. Our passion for art, discovery, and originality has culminated into what you see on our website. Thanks for joining us on this crazy journey and we hope to meet you at a crypto conference or event.

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