[expand title=”Why are you guys sold out of certain products?”]

We are a small company that focuses on quality over quantity. We would rather make sure every product we ship out is perfect instead of just trying to make a quick buck. We are expanding fast but we won’t sacrifice our quality. We have a great supply chain setup so products come back in stock very fast. Don’t be afraid to backorder because it will be filled much faster than conventional businesses and sometimes we hook it up with free stuff. It is totally worth the wait.


[expand title=”My coin looks scratched up.”]

The plastic capsules we use for our coins are very soft plastic. Most likely the scratches you see are the plastic capsules not the coins. We use soft plastic capsules because they are less likely to scratch the coin surface than harder plastic. If you see large flaws on your coin, take the coin out of the capsule to verify.

KEKCoins are purposefully weathered to give them the look we were going for. No coin will look exactly the same in that regard.



[expand title=”What kind of warranty do your products carry?”]

Coins: Coins have no warranty. If your coin has a defect or problem, send us an email and we will take this on a case by case basis. We want you to be happy.

Leather Goods: 6 months manufacturers defect. If you have a problem with one of our leather goods, please email us and we’ll do our best to resolve any problem that arises.

Coin Displays: 6 months manufacturers defect. Our circuits were designed by a friend who works in Lockheed Martin Space so they should be pretty durable. If there is a problem, please let us know so we can make fun of him.

Ledger Nano S: No warranty. Ledger Wallet has their own warranty and they can be contacted to handle any warranty claims.



[expand title=”Do you sell outside of the United States?”]

We ship internationally but you are responsible for for paying your countries VAT tax and any other duty taxes. We are also working on setting up authorized resellers of our products all over the world. Our goal is to keep our prices low for you while providing fast shipping times. If you own a crypto based company and want to know more about our reseller program, send us an email.



[expand title=”Can you make a coin for my cryptocurrency company?”]

Our main goal is to help cryptocurrency become mainstream. We see physical products that come from a digital space as one of the best ways to do this. Send us an email and we can discuss if Real Crypto is the right company to help make your company’s coin.[/expand]


[expand title=”How do I make a paper wallet to put behind the hologram?”]

Follow the instructions that came with the coin or go to our media page. We have videos to walk you through how to make a paper wallet that fits on the back of the hologram.[/expand]


[expand title=”How do I spend the coins stored in a paper wallet?”]

You will need to import your private key to a real client. You can do this by downloading it from their official currency website. The exact method to do that will depend on the client. If there is no integrated method, you can usually fall back to the debug console and use the command “importprivkey [yourprivatekey]“. We don’t recommend receiving a private key and leaving it on a coin since the person who gave it to you could have a second copy of the keys stored somewhere else. Here is the process: 1. Receive the coin 2. Sweep the private keys with a client 3. Create new private keys 4. Put the keys on the coin with a new hologram.  [/expand]


[expand title=”Can I become a reseller?”]

We are looking for honest companies that share the same ethics and morals as us. Send us an email for more information on becoming a reseller.

You don’t even need to resell to make money with us. You can make percentages by referring people to our website called an affiliates program. Here is how it works:

Commission Structure: 5% commission of the sale price on all products we sell.

Payout Requirements: Once you have $25 or more, you can request to be paid in either fiat or crypto.

The more you sell, the more money we both make. It’s a valuable relationship and we want to keep it going. We will offer you free or discounted products as well as the chance to demo new stuff and give us your feedback. If you’re a baller and bring us massive amounts of business, we will notice and contact you to work out a different commission structure for you.

Email us sales@realcrypto.org to find out more and get set up as an affiliate.

US Nationals needs to complete W9 and outside of USA needs W-8BEN-E completed before we can pay any commission.[/expand]


[expand title=”Why don’t you sell pre-loaded coins?”]

We are a US based company and that is illegal to do here. There have been many companies who have done that and they were so tied up in legal fees that they weren’t able to survive. We want to give you the tools to do this yourself and provide you new and unique products for years to come. [/expand]


[expand title=”Can you help me set up my Ledger Nano S? It’s giving me problems.”]

Sure! If you followed the instructions that came with it and it doesn’t work, try this.

Disconnect ledger from computer then open the wallet application on your computer. It should tell you to connect your device. Connect your device and put in your pin. After that, click scroll right (on the device) until you see the desired coin. Select it from the device and your computer should open up the wallet. Voila! Still having problems? Click this link to watch a step by step video: Ledger How To If that still doesn’t work for you, send us an email and we’ll get you squared away. [/expand]


[expand title=”How do I know I will receive a genuine Ledger product?”]

We are authorized retailers and can be verified by emailing Ledger Wallet directly. You can also go to this link to verify: Genuine Ledger Wallet


[expand title=”What is your Return Policy?”]

All items must be in their original condition. If they came with tags or other items, they must still be affixed to the item when they are returned. If the package came with free swag (not to include Satoshi’s Enigma cards), that is yours to keep.

If you request a refund, we will not pay for shipping of the items back to us. We don’t charge you restocking fees or any other nonsense but you need to pay to get the item back to us.

International Orders: No returns for international orders at this time. The cost to ship products back and forth overseas is usually more expensive than the items ordered. We are working on securing overseas distributors so we can offer you the same services as customers in the US. If the product is defective, we will still offer a replacement.

Call us for Returns or for shipping changes to your order.

Return Policy – In the rare instance a return is necessary the guidelines below will affect the return.

All returned merchandise must have a return material authorization number (RMA) issued by Real Crypto prior to return.

Items returned without an RMA number will be returned at the shipper’s expense if we can’t determine what order this package originated from.

We will take back any defective product within 30 days (does not include Ledger Products)

Clothing, Accessories and Coin Displays: If you received the wrong item, email us and we will get you the correct item as soon as we receive the incorrect one. If the item is damaged in transit, take pictures to show us and we will take care of it.

Coins: If the coins are in original condition, you can receive a refund for the coin but not for the shipping and $4 for the cost of the holograms if you are within the 30-day return window. Holograms are individually serialized and we can’t risk taking them back for our other customers.

Electronic Cold Storage Wallets: If the packaging was opened, we cannot accept it as a return. If you want to return it because you are having problems operating the device, check our media section for a step by step guide to get you running. If you’re still having problems, email us and we will be glad to help you. If the device is defective or broken, contact the manufacturer and they will take care of it. If they give you problems, let us know and we can call them to help you out. If the item is unopened, we will take it back and issue a refund minus the shipping charges if it was purchased less than 30 days from the purchase date.

Artwork: Due to the nature of first edition artwork, we cannot accept returns. If the item was damaged in transit, immediately send pictures to us and we will contact the carrier to claim insurance on the item. Depending on the level of damage, you will either be reimbursed in whole or the item will be repaired to original condition if that is possible.



[expand title=”How fast is your Shipping?”]

We ship every day the Post Office and the UPS are open. If you get your order in before 3:15 PM Mountain Time, it will most likely go out the same day. The average time from the day you ordered until you receive your package is 3.5 days for US addresses.[/expand]


[expand title=”Do you sell my information or give it to anyone else?”]

We will never sell or give your information to any person, company or entity. We value our privacy and know you do too. We never see any of your credit card information and do not have the ability to store any of that. All credit cards are processed through Stripe’s servers so it is extremely safe. Want more anonymity? Pay with a privacy coin like Monero, ZCash, ZCoin or PIVX and have your order shipped to a friend, PO Box or use an anonymous mail forwarding service. [/expand]




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